5S Overview for Small Jewelry Producers
You may not realize it yet, but there is a lot of waste in your production shop – and probably in the rest of your business too! Wasted time, wasted motion, wasted space, all adding up to wasted money. It was awareness of this waste that led Hiroyuki Hirano to create the framework that led to Lean Manufacturing, also known as the Toyota Production System. From there, Lean Manufacturing led to many other quality systems, as manufacturing executives realized that the only way to get competitive and stay that way was to get lean. At the heart of Lean – and many other quality systems – is the concept of 5S. This class will give you an overview of 5S, and how you can use it to improve your production and bottom line.


Lean Manufacturing has been used by large and small corporations for the past ~50 years with resounding success. Andrea Hill, owner of Hill Management Group, has spent nearly 30 years refining her approach to implementing and benefitting from Lean Manufacturing in small business environments.

Most Lean implementations begin with 5S, the framework for creating order that Lean depends upon. This class is an introduction to 5S in the jewelry production environment. Through this class you will learn:

  • The components of 5S
  • How 5S contributes to process excellents
  • The benefits of implementing 5S
  • How to prepare for a 5S implementation
  • The 5S implementation steps
  • How 5S affects inventory planning
  • How 5S affects shop layout
  • How to understand and address bottlenecks
  • How to maintain your progress once you implement 5S

Whether you are intending to implement 5S yourself, or simply want to understand it better before you bring in a consultant, this class will prepare you with the knowledge you need for a successful 5S program. You can use this class as a complement to any Lean Manufacturing or 5S books or programs. It takes the complexity out of the discipline and leaves you with clarity about what you are going to do, how you are going to do it, and why it matters.

Overview of 5S
Introduction Preview 6 minutes
Organization 10 minutes
Orderliness 6 minutes
Cleanliness 4 minutes
Standardization 13 minutes
Discipline 4 minutes
Wrap-up 1.25 minutes
5S Overview for Small Producers $10.00 Order

Andrea Hill

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