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How to Set Up Facebook Lead Ads
10 Steps to Lead Ad Mastery
Terms of Service
Create New Ad
Select Ad Type
Set the Facebook Pixel
Create Lead Form
Complete Ad Setup
Finding Your Leads
Download Your Leads
And ...Done!

Create New Ad

Choosing "Leads" as your ad type in the Facebook advertising panel.

Let’s start “creating a new ad” in Facebook (if you’re not sure how to use the Facebook advertising environment, watch for an upcoming class showing you how).

When you click Create Ad, you will immediately go to the panel below:

  1. Create a Campaign Name that means something to you, so you’ll remember.
  2. Click the “Lead Generation” marketing objective.


Once you click "Lead Generation, the window will expand, asking if you want to create a split test. If you are not sure what a split test is, don’t mess with that right now. Just click Continue.