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How to Set Up Facebook Lead Ads
10 Steps to Lead Ad Mastery
Terms of Service
Create New Ad
Select Ad Type
Set the Facebook Pixel
Create Lead Form
Complete Ad Setup
Finding Your Leads
Download Your Leads
And ...Done!


Facebook is always changing its advertising environment, and confusing the heck out of its users in the process. One of the more recent changes (Q1 2017) is its integrated approach to creating lead generation ads. In case you’re wondering, a lead generation ad is an ad designed to capture email addresses. Email addresses are the list currency of the internet. If you’re not doing lead generation, you need to start.

But I digress. Creating a lead generation ad in Facebook isn’t rocket science, but it is confusing the first time you do it. Here’s a step-by-step guide – and an important supplementary tool! – to help you maximize the value of your lead ads while minimizing the administration that goes into it.